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Geoffrey Forsyth

Congrats Gina and family! We had a student nurse in the OR when my wife was having a C-section. The nurse fainted and hit her chin on the edge of the table and started gushing blood and whatnot. My daughter's head did come perfect, though. Do you know her? She currently rules the world.

tod goldberg

I believe you should write self-help books, Gina, all about how to rationally talk about C-sections to an otherwise unprepared audience of midlist Jewish novelists who pop in to read about love and end up reading about, yeah, you prostrate on a table numb from the nipples south. My eyes! My eyes!


As a woman who'll be marrying an Italian, and as someone who'll most likely have to name my child Anthony after my future husband or Dominic, after my father-in-law, it's nice to see that you've managed a nice Italian name that is original and sophisticated. Your son will be glad you didn't name him Rocco Angelo, like my future-in-laws thought about with my guy. Ohhh, the dreaded c-section. Not looking forward to that. But that visual--kills me. Congrats! And I'm sure you and Ms. Stielstra, et.al will be fabulous!

Kelly Zavala

You kill me. :-) I was waiting for an update. With the first baby, me, my mom HAD to have a C-Section. After that, she CHOSE to have the other to by C-Section. I'm still scratching my head as to why.

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