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YAY! I'm so happy the new book is on it's way to publication. I can't wait to read it! You've made it sound so mouthwateringly juicy that now my actual hunger has just been amplified by my literary hunger.
Which means I'll have to go make a bowl of chili and read a few OV submissions in hopes of finding that "gem" somewhere buried in my room.

dan wickett

Congrats on running what sounds to be a great contest (we'll think of OV Books contest as the Anti-Zoo Press contest - seeing you were too kind to mention anybody in particular).

Thanks for the great details about all of the books - sounds like the OV will be absolutely worth looking for, but so might the "lost" book.

Any idea on Amend's progress on getting her collection published?



Cool! Short stories about poor folk? I thought that was only in memoirs & novels.

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