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Lovely essay, Gina. Hang in there!

Katrina Denza

Powerful, soulful words. I hope your family recovers and I hope you know what you offer to the world is boundless and appreciated.



Gina, what you say is so true. My parents too aren't old at all and yet, my father has had serious heart issues as of late. It's scary to see it happen and know that in a lot of ways, even though I try not to, take him for granted. My mom too. Your novel is a great work and even though you missed out on the reading, your work all on its own is more than any missed opportunity where a reading is concerned. You have written a beautifully haunting book and most of us who've had the pleasure of reading it, can't put it down. Sending good thoughts your way for your mother and mother-in-law, and you too. Your essay and your contributions as a writer and as an editor make a huge difference in what often seems like a literary abyss. I know there are many people who's lives you've helped to change for the better not only in giving them opportunities but in allowing us to share in your work as well.


This is a beautiful post, Gina. Thank you.


lovely thoughtful post. i hope your mom and mom-in-law both improve soon!


that was beautiful gina...

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