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I purchased MY SISTER'S CONTINENT via Amazon.com last winter and plan on (finally) reading it next month. I also just purchased SIMPLIFY. I really appreciate your candor and this blog. Please keep writing.



You always bring up so many good points! And really, after our interview discussing publishing and what the big houses ask of the authors and the work they publish, I am beginning to feel the frustration you must have. It such a unique place that you find yourself in, but I say 110 lbs or not, you'l look great and I hope to see you next month when you're out here with Tod. Be proud of all you're doing. There aren't many people who could wear as many hats as you do, and wear them well! Thanks too for the hard work on the Litpark interview! Looks good!

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Great job Barb. I now have my new-old computer and I was able to bring up the web site quickly. You have done a wonderful job!

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