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Dan Wickett

The internet has even made the meeting portion of the relationship work to some degree.

Earlier this month, I went to AWP for the first time, and I would guess I met in excess of 70 people, physically, for the first time. They ranged from people that I had emailed once or twice with before that trip, to people like Tom Franklin and his wife Beth Ann Fennely, whom I've emailed back and forth with for 6 or 7 years - about their work, my work, their kids, my kids, etc. - or Gina Frangello, with whom I've emailed back and forth with probably 50 times this past year or so, about kids, writing, business plans, distribution, etc.

In all of those cases, the original "handshake" was done electronically.

I used to be amazed when I heard that CMU Press frequently got to the point of putting books out in their fiction series without Sharon Dilworth ever having met, or even talked to, the authors. And now, Roy, we are publishing your book. I've already put two galleys in the mail to different people, and I've not met you, nor talked via phone, ..., nothing but emails. I wouldn't have thought it possible to get this far without ever having spoken to you, but it seems to be working out okay :)

Hey wait! You're coming over in October :O

Girija Tropp

Yer as funny as ever, Roy Kesey!

And as a recent attendee of the Atlanta AWP, I have to report that actually meeting the real life versions of all the writers we know online is a mind-bending excercise. But then my mind bends easily!

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